Thursday, April 26, 2007

Early Human: Hunters turn to Farming

Food History
From their appearance on the planet earth, early humans showed that they were here to stay. They were quick-witted and dexterous, giving them the edge over their competitors in fighting for survival in a harsh and demanding world.

They invented the spear-thrower, the harpoon and the bow and arrow – and they used their new weapons to good effect when hunting for food. Men were the armed pursuers of animals; but it was the women who gathered in the nutritious roots, berries and nuts. In addition, early people discovered that two stones struck together made a faster and more affective way starting fires for cooking, heating and lighting than the previous method rubbing two stick together.

Later, bands living in fertile valleys of the Middle East build mud-and-reed houses grouped in fortified villagers. There they become the first people to herd cattle and farm the land and to trade produce for other essential goods.

Food History