Saturday, April 14, 2007

Flavor in Food Industry

Food History
The production of food has undergone considerable change over the past century the emphasis of its preparation having moved progressively from the kitchen to the factory. This transition has been accompanied by significant changes in the types of food we eat, and the methods by which it is prepared, packaged, and managed and distributed.

Much time and effort has been expanded by manufacturers to recreate factory-processed food products having traditional “home cooked “appeal. Such products must have many other attributes such as stability, conveniently and safety which also are demanded by consumers. Even so, the apparent lack of flavor in many modern food stuff is regretted by those who claim to remember when everything tasted so much better than it does now.

Many well established food products and beverage could not be produced without recourse to the use of added flavorings.

The choice between natural and synthetic flavorings is still a subject for debate; and this is likely to become more emotive as the demand for safe and wholesome food increases and a greater proportion of what we eat and drinks become subject to mass production methods and associated standardization. The problems of flavoring fabricated foods are numerous and complex, they are not amenable to facile answers.
Food History