Thursday, August 25, 2011

History of barbecue sauce

Barbecue may have originated with Cro-Magnon man somewhere in France around 30,000 BC. He occasionally cooked the meat over an open flame.

It was said that barbecue first came to California with Franciscan friars who brought it from the Caribbean.

It is often associated the barbecue sauce with African Americans, it has a Caribbean origin and etymology.

Another theory is that barbecue originated in the late 1800s during the western cattle drives, The cowboy would slowly cook the tough meat over a fire. This was a way to tenderize the meat and make it tastier.

Form the word barbecue many people believe that it refers to Spanish or French. In Spanish, barbacoa refers to a wood rack for roasting meat or fish.

In French, barbe a’ queue describes how an animal is roasted – from head to tail.
History of barbecue sauce