Saturday, November 18, 2017

History of M&M

These candies were inspired by the chocolate candies the soldiers are during the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1937.

During the 1930’s, Forrest Mars, the son of the founder of Mars, Inc., established a chocolate manufacturing company in Chicago along with Bruce Murrie, the son of the president of the Hershey Company. Because both of their last names started with M, they called their new company M&M.

In 1940, they launched their first product, which they name M&M’s Chocolate Candies. Mars opened a factory in Brussels, hoping to sell Mars bars across Europe but the outbreak of World War II ended these activities.

M&M’s candies were popularized during World War II, when they were include in soldier’s rations. After the war, M&M launched print advertisements in national newspaper and magazines, ratio spots and bullboats.

Today, M&M’s varieties include peanut butter, almond, raspberry, mint, and pretzel.
History of M&M