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Chocolate and Johann Jakob (Jean) Tobler (1830–1905)

In 1867, Johann Jakob Tobler set up a small confectionery business in Berne, Switzerland. Nearly 50 years later the family business produced the Toblerone™ bar.

Jean Tobler was born on 18th March 1830. His Heimatort was Lutzenberg in canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden in Switzerland. He grew up in the municipality of Lutzenberg.

In 1867, Jean Tobler own his own confectionery shop, producing chocolate confectionery from products supplied from other manufacturer such as Suchard, Cailler and Sprüngli.

When Rodolphe Lindt also produces his new fondant chocolate in Bern in 1879, Tobler will be responsible for the distribution of the new chocolate for a few years.

In 1899 Jean Tobler with his sons Emil and Theodor founded Tobler & Cie. Located in Berne, Switzerland, the factory was called "Fabrique de Chocolat de Berne, Tobler & Cie." One year later, Jean handed over the business to his three children on 19th June 1900.

In 1908, Theodor Tobler and his cousin Emil Baunmann invented the world-renown Toblerone chocolate bar, a milk chocolate with a honey and almond nougat filling in a triangular shape. The product is combining Tobler's surname and torrone, the Italian word for honey and almond nougat.
Chocolate and Johann Jakob (Jean) Tobler (1830–1905)