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History of St. Dalfour's Fruit Spreads

Founded in 1984 by Claude Kistner, the St. Dalfour company is situated in the Loire Valley in the southwestern part of France.

The origins of St. Dalfour fruit spreads trace back to a family recipe from over a century ago, emerging during a time of sugar scarcity when fruit juices stepped in as sweeteners.

The narrative of St. Dalfour commences in the rural French landscape during World War I, an era marked by severe constraints in accessing fundamental food supplies.

To adapt, companions leaned on each other's benevolence. Among these associates was a neighboring winegrower who furnished Claude Kistner's grandmother, the company's founder, with grape "must" – a sugary residue of winemaking – to stand in for the limited white sugar.

With the vineyard grape juice, the grandmother finessed these "sugar-less" formulas, resulting in a more nourishing and delectable fruit spread that swiftly gained favor within the family.

In later years, buoyed by the encouragement of innovative friends, these cherished family recipes debuted in the market. Claude Kistner embraced this groundbreaking concept as the cornerstone of his entirely pure and natural product, devoid of supplemental sugar, preservatives, or synthetic coloring.

Passed down over three generations, their formula solely employs 100% fruit, harnessing sun-ripened grape "must" as a natural sweetener. By using grape "must," the sweet derivative of winemaking, a healthier spread emerged that allowed the intrinsic goodness of the fruit to take the spotlight.

In 1984, the St. Dalfour factory took root in the renowned Bordeaux region, famed for its vineyards and fruit-bearing trees.

Today, St. Dalfour produces its fruit spreads in the nearby locale of Marmande, an area lauded for its remarkable terrain for cultivating fruit in orchards and fields. St. Dalfour holds the position of being the world's second-largest French fruit spread and jam brand, finding its way into more than 90 countries across the globe.
History of St. Dalfour's Fruit Spreads