Sunday, October 15, 2023

A Glimpse into the History of The PoP Shoppe's Carbonated Beverages

The story of The PoP Shoppe commenced in 1969, when two enterprising Canadian individuals embarked on the journey of selling soda with a distinctive array of flavors at their independent PoP Shoppe retail outlets. Here, customers would diligently return their empty bottles every week, placing them in unmistakable red PoP Shoppe-branded crates in exchange for a refund, while acquiring fresh bottles for their households.

The Pop Shoppe consciously steered clear of conventional retail channels, opting to distribute their "pop" through franchised outlets and their proprietary stores, offering refillable bottles neatly arranged in 24-carton packages.

Aside from the undeniable appeal of Pop Shoppe soda being priced at a mere 10 cents per bottle, patrons relished the opportunity to personally select their preferred flavors.

By 1975, Pop Shoppes International Inc. had opened 11 outlets in the United States, and in Canada, the brand was outselling renowned heavyweights like Orange Crush and Hires Root Beer.

However, during the early 1980s, sales encountered a deceleration, largely attributed to stiff competition from in-house label soft drink brands found in grocery stores. This downturn culminated in the original company ceasing operations in 1983, with its trademarks expiring in 1993.

In a revival of fortunes, The Pop Shoppe re-emerged in 2004 with four distinct flavors and a novel bottle design. Instead of establishing new stores, The Pop Shoppe opted to position itself as a premium soda, progressively making appearances in local corner markets and restaurants. Its nostalgic appeal swiftly transformed it into a resounding success.
A Glimpse into the History of The PoP Shoppe's Carbonated Beverages