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Milka chocolate History: Alpine Delight

Crafted from Alpine milk, Milka has captivated consumers in Germany and beyond since 1901. The genesis of Milka is intricately linked to the presence of milk powder, dating back to 1901 when Swiss chocolatier Philippe Suchard created the inaugural Milka bar in Germany.

Having established Chocolat Suchard in 1826, Suchard later relocated production to Serrières in 1880, marking its initial foray into the international market in Germany. Following Philippe Suchard's passing in 1884, his son-in-law Carl Russ assumed leadership and diligently expanded the factory. Suchard introduced chocolate milk in 1890, paving the way for the iconic Milka brand in 1901, complete with a distinct lilac-colored wrapper. The Milka script logo and lilac cover were officially trademarked in 1960.

The distinguished brand owes its name to the amalgamation of two German words: Milch (milk) and Kakao (cacao). The 1970 merger of Suchard with Tobler led to the formation of Interfood, which subsequently joined forces with the Jacobs coffee company in 1982 to become Jacobs Suchard.

In 1990, the American multinational agri-food company Kraft Foods acquired the majority of Suchard products, including Milka. Since 2012, Mondelez International, a U.S.-based company, has taken pride in being the owner of Milka.
Milka chocolate History: Alpine Delight