Saturday, April 28, 2007

Animal for Hunting

Food History
As with all living creatures, the most pressing daily need for our ancestors was to obtain an adequate supply of food. This food was obtained by a mixture of hunting, fishing and gathering from the larder provided by nature.
The Cro-Magnons – the early humans Europe and Russia – were nomads. This does not mean they wandered aimlessly day after day. It is more likely that bands of a few families would travel regularly through a fairly well-defined territory on seasonal migrations. They might have summer and winter bases and move between the two in spring and autumn, drawing on different food resources according to the season.

Bones found in their campsites reveal that the Cro-Magnons hunted a wide variety of games including reindeer, bison, horse, deer, elk, wild, cattle, ibex, and even the majestic woolly mammoth and woolly rhino. To these must be added smaller game such as hare, and birds such as ptarmigan, grouse, and water fowl.
Food History